About Me

Nick McGlynn is 31 years old and a Virgo. He was born in New York City on the Upper East Side, and grew up in Westport CT. and now lives in Park Slope Brooklyn. He also has a weekend house in the Poconos, and has lived in Santa Monica CA. and New Orleans LA.

Nick loves to travel. His hobbies include skiing, biking, rock climbing, swimming, and photography. His most recent adventure was a two and a half month long trip abroad to almost every country in Europe. Before that he took a motorcycle trip across the country, twice! And has been to every state except for two! He loves vehicles and has a 1989 Nissan Sentra, a 1993 Honda Nighthawk 750 and also a Vespa LX150. He recently sold his 1974 Kells Sailboat, named “The Seaward” and has owned many other vehicles including a 1964 Yellowstone camping trailer, which he traveling the country in and later turned into a cafe business selling food, and a 1991 Caprice Classic that he put most of it’s 333,000 miles on.

Nick currently does freelance event photography for various companies including his own site RandomNightOut.com. He also throws a very successful monthly media event called Obliterati, that has been going strong for five years! Obliterati is specifically targeted toward old and new media, public relations and the web 2.0 crowd. It is designed to encourage networking between circles and promote mutually beneficial relationships which help drive the industries as a whole forward.

Nick is also a freelance graphic designer, and some of his bigger clients include Starbucks and PepsiCo. Previously Nick worked at PepsiCo as their Social Media Coordinator and before that for Rodale (the publisher of Men’s Health Magazine) as their Digital Development Manager with a heavy focus on social media strategy. He has also worked for Gawker Media, managing their video department. 

Nick went to college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn for “Digital Media & Design” and also for “Industrial Design.” In his free time he loves to build and design things, and come up with wacky inventions. As well ask travel, take photos, and make videos!

You may like his other sites like Animal Insider. Feel free to send him an instant message on AIM at nmcglynn9 or add Nick to Facebook. Also, don’t forget to Follow him on Twitter. For any comments or questions don’t hesitate to email at nmcglynn@gmail.com. Thanks!