So today was suppose to be my first day at HUGE…

I was sent a signed offer letter for a position in the IT department at HUGE inc., and I was excited to begin working there today.

When I came into the office, I was immediately asked into a meeting with the head of the HR department as well as the manager.

They told me that it had come to their attention that I own and manage a few popular blogs and websites that are viewed by many media industry influencers.

They went on to say they were worried that having me in their IT department would give me access to confidential information. Even though I had already signed a confidentially agreement with the company, they were worried that I would blog about their secrets.

They then retracted my job offer, saying basically that since I have a popular blog they didn’t want to risk me posting confidential industry secrets about their company online.

I am very shocked that I wasn’t even given a chance to begin my new job. Especially since I had be recommended by an employee, produced outstanding references, have no history of any breech of company secrets in the past, not to mention I had already been hired, my website is clearly on my resume, and I had already signed a confidentiality agreement.

So once again, I am looking for a new job…


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    I remember when I went to the first Obliterati back in 2009 and I was like “who is this guy?” - now I know.
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    Long story short: They can McGlynn before he can even start because he has a widely read blog and they don’t want him...
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  7. karion said: Here is a phrase to roll around on your tongue -” I relied upon that offer to my detriment.”
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    (Update: “HUGE has yet to respond to McGlynn mess”
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    Remember when places used to want to keep you because you built up your own presence and were known on your own?
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    This happened to me with a job that I wanted. Even though I have no history of blogging company secrets and had access...
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    This is crazy.
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    This is absurd -_-
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    Wow…something’s rotten in Denmark, if for no other reason then…if indeed Nick were to blog company secrets, those...
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    Whoa. For starters, how could they NOT know that Nick writes/manages some popular web sites? Secondly, to assume that...
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